Fundraising Program

Are you tired of typical fundraisers that ask you and your supporters to buy things you don’t want or need?

All parents cringe when they hear that their school has decided to sell products that are overpriced and/or unhealthy.

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that people are relying on you to come up with a great fundraising solution.


Raising funds for your school, team or organization needs to be easy, time-effective, and provide the confidence that you are delivering a quality, high value, product. This is where Ahmkar comes in!
We make it easy
– A well-organized program
– Clear instructions
– All the selling tools you need
– 100% reliable
Quality Product
–  A product that every Homeowner wants, needs and has to replace.
– Excellent product that sells itself simply because you NEED IT!
– Know that you are delivering a quality product at half the retail cost
– Understand that you are offering great value
– A fundraising event you will want to do over and over again.
Great Profits
– A return of 25-38%
– Funding adds up quickly to help those badly needed projects
– Win Win for everyone!-BENEFIT from our Tracking Program even after your fundraiser is over ask us how?

Family and friends will thank you for introducing them to these High Quality Filters that will make their homes an overall Healthier and Cleaner environment to live in. All while helping you raise funds for your school, team or organization.

This program is currently available only in the province of ONTARIO please contact us for further information and remember Clean Air Because We CARE!!!