Duct Cleaning

Leave it to the experts

AHMKAR’s duct cleaning solution will handle all of these problems, and improve the overall Health and Air quality of your home.

Dirt, Dust and Debris Mould and Bacteria Dust Mites and Insects

Duct Cleaning:

1. Removes dirt, dust, debris and can improve your home’s Air quality.

2. Helps prevent the accumulation of mould and bacteria in the Ducts.

3. Ensures your furnace and air conditioner operate to their maximum efficiency.

See the Difference!

The Benefits of choosing AHMKAR:

No hidden fees – duct cleaning the price you are quoted is what you pay.

Powerful truck mounted, truck powered equipment which generates vacuum power of 36,000 cfm at an Air pressure of 250 psi.

Sanitization of the main trunk line with an all-natural disinfectant.

Take advantage of our innovative duct cleaning system today, and make your home a cleaner place to live!